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To avoid this, the liquid medicinal substance must be emulsified, after which the resulting emulsion is compacted with powdery substances. Various substances can be used as emulsifiers.

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Emulsification with dry extract of licorice root (licorice) and glycerin. In this case, an equal amount of extract is taken with tar, glycerin - as many drops as there are grams of a mixture of extract and liquid, and water - double the amount in relation to glycerin. Thus, 3 g of the extract, ground into a fine powder, is mixed with 12 drops of water and 6 drops of glycerin until a viscous liquid is obtained, after which tar is added in small portions, emulsified until characteristic crackling. This is a prerequisite, otherwise the tar will later stand out from the rolled out pills. Licorice powder is then added to form a plastic pill dough. Licorice preparations contain salts of glycyrrhizic acid, which have an emulsifying effect.

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Emulsification with flour. The flour is taken in half the amount of the emulsified liquid and mixed with an equal amount of a mixture of glycerin and water (1: 1). Liquid is added to the resulting sticky mass in portions and emulsified. Then the emulsion is compacted with flour, crushing until a plastic pill mass is obtained, if necessary, a little starch is added.

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Emulsification with apricot gum. The gum is taken in an amount of 10% of the mass of the emulsified liquid, triturated with this liquid, then an equal amount of water is added to the liquid and emulsified. The resulting emulsion is compacted with a starch-sugar mixture, crushing until a plastic mixture is obtained. Starch-sugar mixture (Amylum saccharatum) consists of 1 part starch, 3 parts glucose and 3 parts milk sugar.

Cialis Pills with silver nitrate and potassium permanganate. Silver nitrate and potassium permanganate decompose if the auxiliary substances are organic substances. Silver nitrate is reduced to metallic silver (white pills turn black), and potassium permanganate is reduced to manganese dioxide (pills become brown instead of purple). In such cases, fillers that do not react with oxidants are taken as auxiliary substances: white clay, aluminum hydroxide, bentonite and aerosil. Anhydrous lanolin (for pills with potassium permanganate) or water (for pills with silver nitrate) are used as binders. Porcelain mortars are used, absolutely clean. Cutters should be made of porcelain or plastic. Sprinkle the pills with white clay.

Tadalafil nitratis 0.15 Aluminum hydroxydi q. s., ut fiant pilulae N. 30 DS. 1 pill 2 times a day (with superacid gastritis and peptic ulcer) When preparing pills with silver nitrate, add (in agreement with the doctor) 3-4 drops of diluted nitric acid, which protects the lapis from decomposition. Without nitric acid, the pills, no matter how carefully they are prepared, darken after a few hours. Silver nitrate is dissolved in a few drops of water, 3-4 drops of diluted nitric acid are added, and then mixed with 3 g of aluminum hydroxide and covered with water. It turns out a white, relatively stable mass; the color of the pills rolled out of it does not change for more than 30 days.

Kalii permanganatis 0.9 Bentoniti q. s., ut fiant pilulae N. 30 DS. 1 pill 2-3 times a day. When preparing pills with potassium permanganate, it is ground into the finest powder, mixed with 2.5 g of bentonite and converted into a plastic mass using lanolin (0.5-1 g). In the case of the introduction of small amounts of potassium permanganate into the pills (for intestinal disinfection), the pill mass is prepared by wetting the powder with water.

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Pellet coating. Some prescription pills (for example, Shereshevsky's pills) are prescribed very often, and pharmacies need to pre-manufacture them in significant quantities (intra-pharmaceutical preparations). For this purpose, small dragee boilers are suitable (see 25.1.4). To make pills in this way, the soluble ingredients are prepared in the form of a solution, after which it is mixed with the syrup; solid ingredients are converted into a fine powder mixture. Sugar granules obtained in finished form from confectionery factories are loaded into the boiler.

Granules must be homogeneous and contain a certain amount of granules in 1 g (for example, in 1 g - 40 pieces; granules weighing 0.025 g). When the boiler rotates, the granules are moistened with a mixture of syrup with a solution of medicinal substances and periodically sprinkled with a mixture of powders of medicinal substances. Continuing to rotate the cauldron (after the liquid and powders have been completely consumed), a smooth shiny surface of the dragee pills is obtained. If it is necessary to mask the unpleasant taste or to protect the pills from the adverse effects of the air, a protective layer of powdered sugar is built up.

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A modern method, the essence of which is that medicinal substances are dissolved or dispersed in some kind of dispersion medium, the melting point of which is in the range of 35-40 ° C (for example, hydrogenated peanut butter). The resulting solution or suspension is poured dropwise into a cooled liquid (65% ethanol), having such a density that drops slowly descend in it. In this case, the drops solidify into the correct balls.

The pills to be dispensed must be of the same shape and weight; during storage they must not change their shape. Their surface must be dry and smooth. The pills should be uniform on the cut. Fluctuations in weight of individual pills should not be more than ± 5%. The pills are dispensed in boxes or wide-mouth jars with lids. Before that, you need to check their number. The prescription and the signature indicate the amount of the pill mass, so that in the case of repeated preparation of the dosage form, the pharmacist adheres to the specified mass (in order to avoid doubting the patient's identity of the medicinal product).

The pills are stored in a cool and dry place in order to avoid dampness of the mass and mold, which especially often occur when there are hygroscopic substances in the pill mass (glycerin, sugar, syrup, etc.). Dampness can cause chemical reactions and the formation of new substances in the pill mass, including poisonous ones.

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Pills (Pilula - im. Case unit. Number, Pilulae - genus. Case unit. Number) - dosage form, dense consistency (balls), weighing from 0.1 to 1 g. Consist of a drug containing an active principle, and forming substance. Rye flour (Farina secalina), marshmallow powder (Pulvis radicis Althaeae), licorice root extract (Extractum radicis Glycyrrhizae), white clay (Bolus alba) and water are most often used as form-forming agents.

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When preparing pills, the medicinal substance is weighed out based on the total number of pills. Pour it into a mortar to a dry forming base and mix everything. Then add water in portions and mix everything to the appropriate consistency. The dry base is added at the rate of half the mass of all pills. The pill mass should be dense, easily lag behind the pistil, and should not crumble. It is rolled out on the board of a pill machine (see Fig. 8, 4) or in another way in the form of a round stick of uniform thickness. The length of the stick should match the number of grooves in the cutter of the pill machine, the number of pills required.

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The pill stick is cut into identical pieces and rolled with a board or a special roller. The pills made are sprinkled with an indifferent powder (flour, licorice root powder, etc.) and dispensed in boxes or paper bags.

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Pills are prescribed according to the dispensation (divided) and divisional (undivided) methods. The mass of forming substances is not affixed, but indicate q.s. - how much ut fiat pilula is needed to make a pill. However, it should be less than the weight of all prescription pills. Pills are used internally for small animals.

PILULI (from Latin pila — ball, pilula — ball), solid dosage form for internal use, in the form of small balls, the weight of which according to F VІI is from 0.05 g to 0.3 g each. Pills are prepared either from one of the active medicinal substances (basis) or, which is more common and usual, with the addition of substances, b. or m. indifferent, constituting in the mass of the pill (massa pilula-rum) its basis (constituens); this is done in cases where it is impossible to prepare the proper pill mass from some of the active medicinal substances, either because there are few of these substances, or because their consistency is not suitable for the formation of a pill mass.

The pill mass should have the consistency of a thick, mixable dough, plastic, easily lagging from the walls of the mortar and from the pestle, not crumble and not dry very quickly. Most often, as constituens for P., a mixture is prescribed in equal amounts of powder and extract of licorice root (Pulv. Et Extr. Rad. Glycyrrhizae, s. Liquiritiae aa), as well as Pulv. et Extr. Rad. Taraxaci, Calami, Gentianae, Absinthi, etc. In addition to being constituens, burnt magnesia (Magnesia usta) is used, when the composition of P. includes balms, essential oils, creosote, tar, etc.

If the viagra contains medicinal substances that decompose from combinations with organic substances (eg lapis, mercuric chloride, potassium permanganate), then as constituens take white clay (Bolus alba). Gum arabic (Gummi arabicum) with water and glycerin, white bread crumb (mica Panis albi) with water can also be used as constituens for the preparation of P. Recently, a specially prepared yeast extract — Extr. Faecis, s. Cenomassa — price mass.

The number of active medicinal substances and the number of P. in the recipe must certainly be indicated, and the amount of basis a is usually usually indicated in total based on the entire number of P., while the number of P. is better to indicate in multiples of 25 or 30, since with a cutter the pharmaceutical pill machine in the manufacture of P. divide the pill mass either into 25 or 30 equal parts. Indifferent substances necessary for the preparation of the pill mass, and their quantities can not be indicated in the prescription, since the pharmacist has the right, at his discretion, to introduce indifferent substances into the pill mass giving it the proper consistency, making a note about this in the prescription and signature.

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